We are used to arguing nearly every day. However, when it comesto representing our reasoning on the paper we actually get stuckat the very start. It is natural as the paper needsneatly–composed statements, vivid examples and concise languageto express our ideas. Moreover, we need to be self-consistent indefending our views. However, the biggest challenge that comesfirst is selecting an interesting topic for your argumentativeessay.

A good topic is a good beginning. And if you are utterlyinterested in what you are talking about, that will be attractiveto the readers.

You will succeed if only your paper can make the audience thinkcritically about the issue as well as support or reject it.

An effective argumentive essay might cause various feelings fromexcitement to anger. It means that your arguments and reasonsworked really well and reached the readers’ minds. For powerfuland telling argumentive essay topics we recommend to use this setof criteria. A good topic is the one that:

  • is personalized
  • raises the burning issues of today
  • is a hot issue for a specific category of people
  • hooks the reader’s interest
  • elicits an immediate response

When looking for a good topic that can pique curiosity, try notto write about something that everyone is pretty much aware of.For example, your topic is Charlie Chaplin is the bestmovie-picture actor. It a well-known fact and many people wouldagree on it. That is why your topic does not bring anything thatcan expand readers’ interest into your argument. You’d bettergive it a new light by writing Chaplin’s satire is the reflectionof his political stance. Now it sounds rather captivating,doesn’t it? Then it is the time to argue, persuade and discuss.However, the biggest task of yours is to make them think from adifferent perspective, the perspective that they have neverconsidered before.

Argumentive essay topics are those that arouse questioning,arguing and critical thinking. This is what makes your essayeffective. On realizing it, you will never fail in selecting atopic for your argumentative essay. Start your writing using afew more ideas from this guideline.

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Despite all of the above-mentioned, the topic should suit yourown interests and concerns. Being passionate about what you writeis the best driver for researching and composing the essay. Yourpersonal interest in the topic will make you sound moreappealing, provoking and persuasive.

It happens that you receive a topic from your teacher or yourchoice is limited by a certain list of ideas that you areunlikely going to get much passionate about. In this situation,you should never give up. Here is a solution: adapt this topic toyour interests or narrow it down to highlight the argument youfeel delighted about.

However, in most cases, students are free to choose a topic bythemselves. Not to get lost in the array of diverse titles foryour essay, we are glad to offer you a good selection ofargumentive essay topics that will definitely inspire you. Forthose who still hesitate, the best way out is getting a helpinghand from a professional.

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Once establishing a position on a chosen topic, a writer of anargumentative essay looks for the solid evidence to convince thereaders in his or her opinion.

There is a little likelihood that a reader will agree on yourideas if they are not supported with comprehensive facts,experts’ opinions and statistics.

Therefore, your major objective when designing the arguments isto:

  • Reshape the reader’s opinion regardless how strong it is.
  • Be convincing, persistent and assertive and the readersincluding your teacher will be entirely satisfied with youressay.
  • Steer away from the topics that sound hackneyed such asabortion, racism and segregation, drugs, cloning, etc. People arebored with them and heard much more than you are going to offerthem. Students mistakenly think that these topics are easy thoughthey are not, mainly because they are too massive to choose amongnumerous arguments that may pick the audience interest.

Below you will find a diversity of thrilling topics arrangedaccording to most-discussed issues.

We have thoroughly composed a list of argumentive essay topicsand wish you get inspired with these stunning ideas.


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  • Where and when should alcohol and tobacco be advertised?
  • Do the media and film industry create false expectations ofmarriage and love relationships?
  • What should be forbidden on prime TV time?
  • Do TV programs have to respect diversity?
  • Do today’s media create too much hype?
  • Do TV shows and movies have the responsibility of being morediverse?
  • Do false newsmakers manipulate the viewers?

why us


  • Why should maternity leave be longer?
  • What is being truly sexually abused?
  • Are female employers more efficient than the opposite sex?
  • Can Equal Rights Amendments for women put the end to theirdiscrimination at work?
  • LGBT couples are unable to raise children appropriately.


  • Illegal migration: should people be forcibly deported
  • Should the government provide a financial support forinternally displaced persons?
  • The right to vote for those sentenced to death?
  • They have to justify the death penalty.
  • The athletes that dope in sports should bear criminalresponsibility.
  • Should there be new age restrictions to drinking?
  • Is euthanasia the decision of the individual or the matter ofother people?
  • Legal Marijuana should be banned.



  • Are we the slaves of the technology era?
  • They should not forbid smartphones at schools.
  • The technology has an adverse effect on real communication.
  • Should they employ the teachers who possess poor technologyskills?
  • Blue collar workers vs. technologies.
  • How safe is online dating?
  • Modern gadgets cause more health problems than smoking.
  • Should the government censor independent media providers?


  • The Black Lives Matter is the movement for freedom.
  • Should sex education be optional in public schools?
  • Sex harassment: can the criminals avoid pretrial detention?
  • Is the affirmative action possible today?
  • Is it penalty imposing for quality-of-life crime?
  • Is volunteering be liable to tax?


  • Why should drilling oil be allowed in nature conservationarea?
  • Can hunting cause flora –fauna misbalance?
  • Does recycling solve the environmental issues efficiently?
  • Global warming and water shortage myths.
  • Do renewable power stations solve the problem of electricityconsumption?
  • Social media breaks the limits.
  • Fracturing is the way to earn rather than to save theenvironment.
  • Nuclear wastes can be kept everywhere across the U.S.


  • A healthy weight can be maintained nearly by everyone.
  • Do vegans have healthy meals?
  • Why vegetarian restaurants are popular among meat-eaters.
  • What is better to avoid sugar or salt in your dieting?
  • Are low carbohydrate diets healthy?
  • Why fitness has become extremely popular.
  • Excess weight is a matter of environment or genetics.


  • Mothers are best nurses.
  • Juvenile justice is not the legal support that parents wantto have.
  • U.S. family policy is too strict.
  • The person’s development starts since his/her earlychildhood.
  • Abusive relationships in the family rarely end happily.
  • Interracial adoption affects a family.
  • A generation gap is a myth.


  • Cosmetic surgery for teenagers should be allowed.
  • Should personal privacy rights be unitized?
  • Why breastfeeding in public is inappropriate behaviour?
  • Is it good if Father is a nanny?
  • Which parenting style is most effective?


We do hope that those who dared writing on their own found thisguideline useful enough.

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